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Call on the Dismantling Works Experts in Montreal

When urban and industrial works are at the end of their life, it is essential to respect precise stages to ensure that the work is carried out in the best possible conditions. Forage Collin Inc. has the experience and equipment necessary to help you with your industrial, residential, and commercial projects while complying with all applicable standards and laws. We guarantee your satisfaction with an efficient, competent, and punctual dismantling service at affordable prices in Montreal.

In addition to our concrete sawing services, we offer you the opportunity to use our expertise to carry out the deconstruction and dismantling of Montreal structures.


As part of the dismantling process, our team of professionals is responsible for planning and ensuring the proper conduct of dismantling and demolition operations in Montreal, in compliance with current standards for the safety of people and the environment.

Preliminaries to your dismantling project in Montreal

The design of a decommissioning project must respect the following phases:


The dismantling feasibility study

The evaluation of the structure to be demolished

Determination of the best dismantling process

The nature of the demolition equipment to be used

Analysis of possible dangers and preventive measures to be put in place

The diagnosis of the waste that will be produced by the demolition

The planning of operations and work procedures

Preparation of the work

Once these points have been studied, we prepare our dismantling sites in Montreal by respecting all the conditions necessary for our technicians' or people's safety. We implement all essential safety measures:


The delimitation of work and access zones anticipates the main dangers (falling objects, projection of materials, exposure to possible dangerous substances, etc.).

The immediate removal of any element likely to collapse due to vibrations, weather conditions, or lack of resistance.

The dismantling site

We then take charge of the execution of the deconstruction of the structure by ensuring :


Strict monitoring of each operation

Meticulous supervision of the work by our competent professionals

The use of adequate equipment and methods for the safe management of debris produced by a demolition operation

Deconstruction of the structure and masonry layer by layer, from top to bottom

The prohibition of simultaneous work in tiered work areas, unless the lower areas are Adequately protected against falling materials or objects

Completed construction site: the final stages

Once the demolition is completed, we do everything possible to make your site clean by ensuring that :


The elimination of waste

The complete cleaning of the building site

The inspection at your side of the correct execution of the work

Forage Collin Inc: specialists in the dismantling of structures in Montreal

The dismantling of structures is a project that requires the assistance and participation of professionals in the trade. Forage Collin Inc. is a company that has many years of experience in the business of dismantling works in Montreal, our team is experienced enough to carry out your project.


Whether it's technical skills or compliance with regulations, our site managers and technicians will carefully support you in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of your site. Each of our professionals has benefited from complete training and is able to inform you in the best possible way about the stages of the work to be carried out or the working methods that we use.

Call us today to entrust us with your structural dismantling project in Montreal!

Breathtaking Achievements

Over the years, we have worked with several industrial and civil clients in the city of Montreal.

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