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For Your Buildings, Take Advantage of a Concrete Demolition Service in Montreal

If you need to secure a site by demolishing old buildings or some of its parts to build a new one and for all your concrete demolition needs in Montreal, we are at your side! Recognized for its know-how in drilling and sawing concrete and dismantling structures, Forage Collin Inc. offers you its services to demolish residential, commercial, or industrial construction in complete safety. 

In more than 40 years of existence, our company has acquired both solid skills and high-performance equipment, adapted to all types of work sites. For all your sawing, drilling or concrete demolition projects, call on experienced professionals!

Why Demolish a Building?

There are several reasons why an existing building may have to be demolished. These may be homes that have become dangerous because they are too old, buildings that have suffered too much damage to be rehabilitated, or disused factories. In all cases, competent professionals' intervention is essential to ensure that the dismantling work is carried out correctly.

Demolition, A Job in Its Own Right

Dismantling a building, whether private or public, is not as simple as it seems. Respect for public safety, but also strict environmental standards, means that strict rules must be followed. With decades of experience on most various construction sites, a company such as Forage Collin Inc. can carry out all your concrete demolition work in Montreal and a wide radius around the city.

The Steps Before Demolition

Before approaching the actual construction site, you must obtain a demolition permit. The Forage Collin Inc. team can help you with the administrative part of your project. Once we have received the authorization, we take charge of the actual work. The process begins with securing the site, not only for the public but also for our teams, and by anticipating the construction site's risks. If decontamination or asbestos removal is necessary, we also take this into account.

The Demolition Itself

We have the necessary equipment to carry out all concrete demolition stages in Montreal : sawing, core drilling, concrete cutting, and much more. We supervise the operations from start to finish to guarantee the work's conformity and the safety of its completion. Naturally, we handle the recovery and removal of rubble and the site's complete cleaning after the job has been done. When you arrive on site, everything is clean and safe, ready for new construction!

We Take Care of All Your Building Sites

Forage Collin Inc. operates in the residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. For example, we can manage the demolition of:









Factories and much more

Our entire team has the training, tools, and experience necessary for your work's proper conduct. We take care of all concrete demolition operations in Montreal and surrounding areas. Do not hesitate tocontact usfor more information or to get your quote.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Discover in pictures some of our proudest achievements!

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