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Benefit From a Professional Concrete Drilling Service in Montreal

Concrete drilling, also known as concrete coring, is often used to dig holes in different areas. Do you need to drill a concrete wall to add ducts in your home? Your plumbing needs to be replaced, and you need to drill your concrete slabs in the front yard? Have you finally decided to install a conventional chimney for which you need to create an opening?


The team at Collin Drilling Inc. has the experience and knowledge to undertake any concrete drilling project in Montreal, whether commercial, residential, or industrial. Our priority is to provide our clients with affordable concrete services. Trust us for your projects today! Call Forage Collin Inc. to get a free estimate on our concrete drilling services in Montreal.

civil engineering
public works

Available for all types of concrete drilling projects

Whether your project is small or large, we will carry out the work with expertise and professionalism. No matter how deep, we've got the tools for it. Our work will exceed your expectations.

Do you need to drill into a concrete wall to add ductwork to your home?
Your plumbing needs to be replaced and you need to drill your concrete slabs?
Do you want to install a classic fireplace for which you have to create an opening?


Whether the concrete drilling project is residential, commercial, industrial or otherwise, our priority is to provide our customers with concrete services affordable. Forage Collin Inc. is there to meet all your needs! Trust us for your projects today! Call Forage Collin Inc. at 514-881-0111 to get a free estimate on our concrete drilling services in Montreal. For any questions, do not hesitate to Contact us!

Professional tools

We have equipment adapted to all types of work in the field in order to offer you the best in terms of concrete drilling in Montreal. Trust us for precision, deep, dust-free drilling. We also attach great importance to occupational health and safety. We have your complete satisfaction at heart. 

State-of-the-art tools
Efficient and well-done work
Health and security at work

Whether for small or large projects, our experts have in-depth knowledge of new technologies and have the best tools to ensure superior quality of execution. Forage Collin Inc. offers you the services of its professionals to carry out precision drilling, without dust. We have the know-how to carry out drilling in the most complex conditions. The use of special tools to drill or drill the concrete with precision is necessary. This is why we have ultra-modern machines. Call on our team of experienced drillers who have high-performance equipment.

Concrete drilling applications

Concrete drilling work is often required during the construction, repair or renovation of buildings. Forage Collin Inc. performs all types of concrete drilling quickly and with unparalleled efficiency. Our work is carried out meticulously while respecting your budget and your schedule.


We carry out coring and drilling operations of small and large diameter cylindrical holes in floors and walls to create openings allowing the passage of pipes, pipes, electrical ducts and other conduits and networks for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. and institutional. We carry out different types of concrete drilling work in different areas, such as:


We drill holes in concrete and do the preparatory work for plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning systems, reinforcement rods, anchors and much more.

Structural repair

Our team analyzes the structure and thickness of the concrete slabs in order to test their solidity or install reinforcement bars.

Opening in the foundation

Our specialists drill your foundation at home or in your commercial space to facilitate the installation of various pipes, for example electricity pipes or a dryer pipe.


We put our drilling know-how to the benefit of municipalities and road services for the addition of signage or fencing and for the modification of drainage or the electrical network.

We have the expertise to perform all types of concrete drilling work with efficiency and professionalism. contact us without delay to learn more about our services or to obtain a free estimate on your concrete drilling project in Montreal.

Intervention sites

Our high-performance and precise tools for concrete drilling allow us to intervene on occupied or sensitive sites:

educational institutions
health facilities
public buildings
residential areas
chemical sites

The cutting technique ensures maximum noise reduction and a very clean construction site. We intervene without causing damage to the buildings or disturbances, dust or other. For more information on our concrete drilling services, call us!

Commercial drilling

We drill your walls and floors for the passage of pipes and cables.

Concrete Drilling by Professionals

Discover our high quality concrete drilling services today in Montreal!

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